Industry & Application

Sodium Formate

CAS NO.:141-53-7 FORMULA: CHNaO2 Sodium formate, by product of pentaerythritol, is white crystalline material.

Calcium Nitrate Granular

The new core box is made of high-pressure injection molding of new synthetic plastics. Its performance in impact resistance, anti-aging, high temperature resistance and high cold resistance is significantly improved compared with ordinary core boxes.

Potassium Formate

Potassium formate is a product series of environmental friendly drilling fluid with high anti-pollution, high anti-temperature, high anti-pressure,

Citric Acid

Citric Acid provides a method for reducing the alkalinity (pH) of water-based drilling fluids, usually resulting from cement contamination while drilling out cement.


CEMENT is a low temperature Sulfate Resisting Cement which is used for construction projects, also commonly used for foundation and grouts


GYPSUM is a low strength gypsum based cement providing grouting with a predetermined set time. It can be used in many applications.

Liquid Polymeric LCM FT

FT is a fast-acting, synthetic polymer-based lost circulation material. It designed to help seal off even the most severe loss zones in 30 minutes allowing the operator to return to normal drilling activities.


CX CUT is a highly effective and environmentally acceptable  lubricant blend with different surfactants used in fresh, sanity and hard water in mining drilling.

Anti Temperature and Salt Fluids Loss Control Agent HIPOLY

HIPOLY is a synthetic polymer specifically designed for high-temperature and high-salinity environments. It can stand more than 240℃ (460℉)