Drilling Polymer

Drilling Polymer

Viscosifier SMD206

SMD206 could improve core recovery, especially for shales, clays, and highly fractured formations. It provides cuttings encapsulation and stabilizes the formation.

Drilling polymer VIS

VIS is a premium grade purified high viscosity, high molecular weight polymer, used as an effective viscosifier and reduce fluid loss to water-based drilling fluids.

Drilling polymer CX BIOVIS

BIO VIS is a premium quality biopolymer powder designed to provide maximum solids suspension and hole cleaning in vertical and highly deviated wells as well as horizontal directional drilling applications.

Sand Cure

SAND CURE is used for drilling, especially for loose sands, cobbles and gravels and improves bore hole stability in formations easy to collapse and shift.

Drilling Polymer CHP ULTRA

CHP ULTRA acts as a viscosifier, friction reducer,  while also providing some fluid-loss control.

Core Fix

CORE FIX acts as a viscosifier, friction reducer, while also providing some fluid-loss control.

Liquid Polymeric LCM FT

FT is a fast-acting, synthetic polymer-based lost circulation material. It designed to help seal off even the most severe loss zones in 30 minutes allowing the operator to return to normal drilling activities.

Anti Temperature and Salt Fluids Loss Control Agent HIPOLY

HIPOLY is a synthetic polymer specifically designed for high-temperature and high-salinity environments. It can stand more than 240℃ (460℉)

Fluids Loss Control FIL

Fluids Loss Control FIL is a premium grade purified low viscosity, water-soluble ploymer, designed to control fluid loss while causes minimal increase in viscosity in water-based drilling fluids.

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