Lubricants & Cutting Oils

Lubricants & Cutting Oils

Hammer Oil 320

HAMMER OIL 320 are premium quality lubricants formulated from a combination of high quality mineral base stocks


Drilling Lubricant CX CUT is a highly effective and environmentally acceptable  lubricant blend with different surfactants used in fresh, sanity and hard water in mining drilling.

Liquid Thinner THN

Liquid Thinner THN is a highly efficient and concentrated thinner to removes bentonite clays from the drillstring and reduce drilling fluids viscosity. THN immediately affects the rheology of most drilling fluids.

Drilling Detergent CX-DET

drilling mud detergent CX-DET is a concentrated blend of detergents which improves the drilling characteristics of low solids and water based mud.

Lubricant TUBE LUBE

Lubricant Tube Lube is an amber colored opaque paste lubricant which can be used in mining, drilling operations as Core Lubricant


LUBRICANT Drill Lube is a highly effective and environmentally acceptable ester-base lubricant which can reduce the torque and friction drag and bit/stabilizer balling in most water-base drilling fluids.


Copper Thread Grease is recommended specifically for trenchless drilling operations but is also suitable as an anti-seize grease or lubricant in various applications where such a product is beneficial, for example very high temperatures, high loads or where corrosion, water ingress or sealing present problems.