Flocculants & Dispersants

Flocculants & Dispersants

Drilling Thiner CX-WELLCLEAN

CX-WELLCLEAN is used in the development and clean up of water wells where bentonite-based mud has been used

Liquid Thinner THN

Liquid Thinner THN is a highly efficient and concentrated thinner to removes bentonite clays from the drillstring and reduce drilling fluids viscosity. THN immediately affects the rheology of most drilling fluids.

Liquid Polymer SUPER POLY

Super Poly is a new copolymer used primarily as a one sack polymer, providing borehole stabilizer, lubricity and viscosifier to prevent reactive shale and clay from swelling and sloughing.

Drilling Polymer CHP

Drilling Polymer CHP (powder form) is a readily dispersible polymer additive designed to provide shale stabilization in freshwater to saltwater drilling fluids ranging from low solids muds. CHP acts as a viscosifier, friction reducer, while also providing some fluid-loss control.