Mud Test Equipment

Mud Test Kit

SINO MUD Mud Sand Content Set includes Marsh Funnel Viscometer, Sand Content Kit, Mud Balance.

PH Test Paper

The pH test paper can be used to test pH

Six Speed Viscometer

The six-speed rotary viscometer can be used to measure various parameters, plot the rheological curves according to the measured values for multi-points

API Filter Press

API Filter Press can measure fluid loss under certain pressure and in a period of time. It also can measure mud cake thickness.

Mud Balance

Mud Balance is mainly used to measure the density of drilling fluids and other fluids.

Sand Content Kit

Sand content kit is a simple and reliable apparatus for measuring sand content of drilling fluids effectively and accurately

Marsh Funnel Viscometer

Marsh funnel is an apparatus used to measure the viscosity of drilling fluids for daily. Adopting the API standard