On March 26th, India clients came to visit our company. We have discussed the details of Oder. The purchse products are Powder Polymer CHP(On March 26th, India clients came to visit our company. We have discussed the details of three products.Powder Polymer CHP), Polymer VIS(Equivalent of AUS TROL-AMC), Drilling Lubricant(Equivalent of Super Lube-AMC)

We will attened Internation Trenchless Exhibition in Turkey. Our products Polymer, Lubricant, Viscosifier, Filtration, Lost Circulation Material have used in Trenchless in the worldwide.

Crude oil prices jumped almost 5 per cent on Friday, their biggest rally in 1-1/2 months, as a steady US dollar and a bigger than expected drop in US oil rigs in operation set off a renewed rush of bullish bets.

Liquid Thinner THN

November 14, 2014

Our company has developed a new product-Liquid Thinner THN, which has the similar functions as RINGFREE of MI SWACO. Its main advantages are as follows:   1-Functions at all pH levels; 2-Immediate thinning action; 3-More cost-effective than traditional thinners; 4-Safe to use on most plastics, rubber and metals Reduces gel strength to drop out solids; […]

China Mining 2014

October 29, 2014

Our company attended the China Mining 2014, the second largest mining ehxibition in the world. During the exhibition, many exporlation and drilling service company are interested in our drilling fluids, especially for the similar products with AMC (Super Foam, Liquid Pol, CR650), Bariod (EZ MUD), MI SWACO (Poly Plus). Besdies that, we shared our products […]

There was a month left before going to Johannesburg attending the Electra Mining Africa. Up to now, we have successfully invited many companies to visit our booth, such as Mincon Group, AQUA ALPHA Directional Drilling Solutions, KPJ Drilling (Pty) Ltd. While developing the Africa market, we also found many companies in other zones who are […]

Indonesia client Mr Rizani and CCPIT Mr Li come to visit our new building factory on August 2th, 2014. Then we reached consensus about the drilling mud trade and supplying all drilling chemicals as package to clients. It is a good beginning for us and clients to enter the mud chemicals in Indonesia no-digging, mining […]

Turkmenistan Client Mr Guch came to our factory for a visit on Augest, 2014 to discuss the supply of drilling mud chemicals as the sole drilling mud supplier in China. After the discussion, we reached an agreement and they are very interested in the comparsion between our drilling mud products with Bariod’s products, such as PAC […]

Clients are interested in our drilling chemicals and want us to be their production and development drilling fluid base. Meanwhile he showed interest in our products similar with that in AMC,MI Swaco, Baroid, Bake Huges, etc, especially for the lubricant, polymer emulsion and foaming agent for water well. As a powerful trading company, he expressed […]

Saudi Arabia Client Visit

August 5, 2014

Saudi Arabia Client Mr Abdullah came to our factory for a visit on July 17th, 2014. After visiting our production line, We reached an agreement in developing the Saudi Arabia drilling fluids market and being one stop supplier of Saudi Aramco. From the company and products show, Mr Abdullah is satisfied with our analogue products […]