SINO MUD is a drilling fluids manufacturer, Who is specialized in providing one-stop drilling mud sources to the drilling companies.
SINO MUD main products include Bentonite, Powder Polymer, Liquid Polymer,
Foaming Agent, Lubricant, Rod Grease, Detergent, LCM Plug.

Mining investment in Mexico is set to climb by about 42% in 2021 to reach more than $5-billion, after tumbling last year during a pandemic-related economic slowdown, the head of the country’s mining chamber forecast on Monday. AngloGold is a potential partner for Latin Metals in Argentina. Latin Metals has found one of the world’s […]

Maersk Notice:

August 13, 2021

There may be no boxes in the future, please arrange a reasonable shipping plan. From now till to Sep 25, Maersk will stop online booking except for the west Africa shiping line, stop to book the vessel for dangerous goods containers (except the own box) are booked . In addition: According to the observation requirements, […]

SINO MUD Drilling polymer CX TROL equal to AMC AUS TROL ,EZEE TROL, MUD LOGIC TROL, CETCO REL-PAC, BAROID QUICK-TROL, MUDDEX VIS TROL RD. SINO MUD viscosifier CX TROL is used for Civil construction, mining drilling, water well drilling and foundation drilling.